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Sex in the sauna

06.08.2021 - 07:46
Erotic stories
Author: Natálie
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I'm sitting in the steam room, the door opens. I see it's the brunette. The sauna is empty, there is a pleasant darkness here and she follows me directly. "Good evening, may I?" I nod in agreement. I can't take my eyes off her.

Like every Wednesday, I sit in the locker room and I'm tired after football training. We have a debate with the boys whether or not to go to the sauna. Most of them can't today. Well, family responsibilities. Or they just don't want to.

As every Wednesday, I sit in the locker room and I'm tired after football training. We discuss with other boys whether or not to go to the sauna. Most of them can't go today. Well, family responsibilities. Or they just don't want to. I've been trying to go to the sauna regularly for the last few months. I recently started meeting a cute girl there. Tall, athletic figure and amazing breasts…. A pleasure for my eyes. More than once I wanted to talk to her, but we were not alone. What if she's there again today? I want to go. I pack my things and go.

I look around at the door if I can see her. Take a drink and go to a lounger so that I have a view of the hot tub in the middle. It doesn't take long and the brunette I expect is here. She stops in front of the hot tub, takes off her towel, and I can see her beautiful tanned body. She runs gracefully up the steps and is in the hot tub. Damn, I feel my dick cares and starts to riot. I go to the whirlpool after an ice shower.

erotická povídka sex v sauně

"Good evening," I greet her with a smile, waiting for the greeting to return. At that moment, she gets up and answers with a smile on her face. She goes towards the shower. I can see water drops running down her ass and it excites me so much. Oh no.

I'm sitting in the steam room, the door opens. I see "my" brunette. The whole sauna is empty, it's a nice low light here, she's walking right behind me. "Good evening, can I?" She points to the bench next to me. I nod in agreement. I can't take my eyes off her. " You're not here for the first time, are you? You're coming here with a group of guys, aren't you alone today? " She smiles and looks at my dick instead of in my eyes. "The boys didn't want to go today," I say, looking at her naked body. "I'm Aja," she shakes my hand and kisses me lightly on the cheek. "David, nice to meet you" Suddenly I feel that she put her hand on my thigh. She looks into my eyes and her hand is stroking my thigh. Her finger hits my dick.

erotická povídka sex v sauně 1

I take her touch as permission. I have her amazing tits in front of me, I take them in my hands, and squeeze them. I lean over and bite her into her nipple, which sticks out. She makes a hissing sound and I bite her to the other. I sit under the bench, stretch her thighs and her pussy shows me. I stroke her between my lips, watching her closed eyes. She is beautifully moist, without hesitation I push one finger and then the other finger inside. She tilts her head back and moans softly. I want to give her more, so I add the tongue and irritate her pussy. It flows beautifully on my tongue. She twists and her moans are no longer so quiet.

I don't stop and squeeze her breast with my other hand. The feeling that someone can disturb us at any time gives me courage. She's pushing my head against her pussy. I hear her screaming between the moans, "don't stop - do it more ..." I want her more, I want to feel her on my hard dick. I speed up, finger her, suck the clitoris, and in a moment it writhes in convulsions and moans over the entire sauna, her head tilted, eyes closed, and I am biting her lips.

erotická povídka sex v sauně 2

I'm still sitting between her thighs, waiting for her return to reality.
She smiles and says, "This wasn't bad at all," and her hand strokes my dick, which is still so hard.
She slips off the bench and is already kneeling between my thighs. Takes him in her mouth, and strokes my balls with her hand. The girl can do it. I enjoy her tongue circling the glans. She has a tongue piercing. Yeah, I like that. Umm ... I stroke her hair and do her ponytail. I hold her head and push my dick to her mouth. If she doesn't stop after a while, I'll cum into her skillful mouth.

After a few minutes of amazing sucking, she pulls away and whispers, "I want you."
She kneels on the bench. I have a view of her ass and wet pussy again. I slap her and push my horny dick straight between her thighs. I grab her hips and suddenly I'm in her entire to the ball. Aaah. I enjoy the sight of getting lost in her.
erotická povídka sex v sauně 3
I want to touch her amazing breasts. I slip out of her and sit on the bench, "Come on, saddle him." I don't have to ask her twice, and she already has him in her. Now I have her breast within reach. I squeeze them and bite them alternately, while she rides quite slowly on my penis. Most importantly, don't let anyone come in now. I slap her ass and speed up. Just quickly, I say, "May I?" I don't know if she answered or just nodded, it would be too late for any change anyway. I spray a dose of hot cum, just as I feel her pussy tighten...

I can barely begin to see the world around me and the door open. I hear voices. Aja quickly jumps down and goes straight to the door. I get up and go after her, but she disappears into the women's showers. I sit on the couch for a while. I wonder what happened a while ago. Did it happen or was it just a dream? I raise my head and look around. I see her walking up the stairs, her perfect wet body wrapped in a white towel.




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Autor: Natálie
Autor: TanMan
Krásně napsaný příběh, pohled muže psaný fantazií ženy. Všechny Tvé příběhy jsou čtivé ;)
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