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Rough sex in the car and one gone anal

29.09.2021 - 17:24
Erotic stories
Author: Jasmin42
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Sex chemistry worked between me and Nikol from the beginning. Our last meeting in the car was really worth it. There was a deep blowjob, wet orgasms and a rough detonation of her lustful anal.

"It simply came to my notice then. When do we do it? ”

I've been waiting for this sentence for about a month since I first met Nikol, and since we started dating a few times a week for erotic adventures in the car, wellness, or hotels. I haven't been able yet to fulfill her desire for wild sex during storms (somewhere in the woods, in the mud), so I enthusiastically agreed to this option.

Nikol was a smart, twenty-five-year-old girl and could easily calculate that my dick was the best thing for her first anal penetration, 16 cm long with a good circumference ratio never made me a porn star, but on the contrary, with few exceptions, it never offended me too. Often, during licking her beautiful pussy, which tasted like heaven, I ran my thumb into her ass and felt how cozy she was and that she would love to fuck this hole one day.

drsný sex v autě a odpaněný anál

A few days later, when she asked this question, we sat next to each other in the back seats of my car, looking into each other's eyes excitedly.

I liked Nikol¨s planning the most. Most girls are shy to talk or text about sex and what we will do next time. As if they were ashamed of themselves as if they were afraid of what they would look like. I don't know. But it was different with this girl. She was able to write me about sex and perverse practices, she was no ashamed to try anything, and she was able to plan exactly what we would do when we saw each other again. And that excites me like nothing else.

Her animality and openness, which most girls simply do not have. Every time she got in the car with me, she knew exactly where we were going and for what purpose. What practices we will try that day, how will she satisfy me, where will I ejaculate, where she will lick it, etc. She always had everything planned in detail.

I've had plenty of girls, but none of them were like Nikol. Our games have always started with a deep kiss full of saliva, which you only want if you find the real mutual taste and chemistry of your partner. And it was no different now.

Nikol straddled on me and started her games with the tongue. Sometimes she spat, sometimes she slapped me and I did the same to her. But even stronger, because I knew how much she liked it. She left the house in a short skirt without panties, which I felt as soon as she sat on me. Her pussy was immediately wet, so I managed to take off my denim shorts to prevent wet stains on them. As her juice touched my cock, I was immediately hard as concrete.

That was amazing for Nikol, our chemistry worked perfectly. She just touched me and my dick was ready. And that little bitch felt the same even now. She pressed against her pubic bone so hard that it hurt me a lot and I began to moan, which excited her even more.


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Autor: Jasmin42
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