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Pedophilic Incest

25.11.2021 - 09:33
Erotic stories
Author: Sexuh
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He probably didn't even realize it. If someone took a picture of them, it would be more comical than erotic. This would probably be the case for most for the first time.

It was a frosty Saturday night, Sebastian and Janet's parents were getting ready for the theater. They were not regular visitors, they visited the theatre three or four times a year. The children looked after themselves at home, more likely the older Janet looked after Sebastian.

It wasn't their first time. Their parents could afford it. In this way, they took care of  each other from time to time, and apart from the television, which had not been switched off once, there was never a problem. The mother prepared a ham sandwich for Sebastian, and a cheese sandwich for Janet, as she watched her weight like other girls her age do. They all said goodbye. The parents left and the children had to go to bed within two hours.

Janet was responsible for everything. She was happy that she didn't have to take a lot of care of her brother. He got a notebook and had fun playing games. Also Janet knew how to enjoy her free time. She checked Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and at the same time chatted with her girlfriends about guys and other important issues.

Sebastian got bored with his computer games, they were home alone and he didn't want to do the same things as he does when the parents are at home. That makes sense. He switched off the game and searched for the secrets of the Internet. He started with Youtube videos. Unluckily he didnt search the music in the Youtube search engine but put the song's name into Google. He knew little English from school.  And he also learnt more interesting vocabulary on his own. 

For example, a bra or a pussy. He searched for these words and found a lot of  interesting videos. He discovered supposedly the most extensive content on the Internet, he discovered porn. Not that he'd never seen anything like that, they were showing various videos or GIFs on their cell phones with his classmates. The children start just as their grandfathers used to start with floppy disks. Sebastian switched on one of those videos, put on his headphones, and watched quietly. He watched the whole twenty-minute porn in one sled. He saw everything there. How grown up women and men look, wherever it could be slided and that there are plenty of varieties to choose from. And how it ends with convulsive bending and subsequent white fluid. He knew it was sperm, but did not know anything about technique.

He had an erection while watching. It was not his first time, he experienced this when he woke up in the morning.He took off his sweatpants and shorts and stared at his penis for a moment. He masturbated for a while but soon lost his strength. He wants to try it like other boys his age want to. “My classmates would be so envious,” he thought. Only woman, I meant a girl, in the house is a sister in her room. He put on his pants back and went to Janet. He knocked on her door as a well behaved man waited for permission to come in. 

“What do you need?” Janet asked.

“Nothing, I am just bored,” he replied tentatively.

eropovídka pedofilní incest

His sister was not happy, she had to solve important issues with her friends, make fun of the boys and check new idols’ photos and videos. Simply, loneliness suits her much better than the presence of a sibling. 

“So have dinner and then take a bath, it is getting late. ” His sister said.

“Janet, have you ever tried it yet?” Sebastian began to question timidly.

“What do you mean?” Janet didn't understand 

“Well, you know… how you make it and so on…”Sebastian clarified the question.

Janet understood but she pretended to misunderstand. Maybe he thinks something different.

“Well, I mean having sex,” Sebastian clarified obviously.

“No, and go to have dinner, it's late.”She tried to get rid of her younger brother.

“Janet, let's try it!” he begged. 

“No, we can't do it!” she opposed.

“Why?” Sebastian asked and she didn't have the answer.

“Because it is not allowed,” she resisted as an adult.

“Look,” Sebastian answered.

Janet turned with her swivel chair. Whole-body. Back to monitor. Facing the siblings. And her chin fell. She stared at him in silence for a moment. She didn't know what to do. She was a reasonable person, but she didn't know the situation. Shall I dress him down or shall I try it? Why is it not allowed actually? Sebastian stood in front of Janet, his pants were at his ankles and he rolled up his T-shirt to allow Janet to see it. He showed her a little willy. It wasn't erected at all. It cutely copied his balls. Janet watched him quietly. It wasn't her first moment when she saw a penis. But this was different. It wasn't like a schoolmate was forcibly undressed to see what a boy looked like. It was voluntary.

“Let's watch a video,” Sebastian said.

On her swivel chair, Janet turned back to the table, hid all the websites she had opened so far, and opened an anonymous website like an experienced monkey. Unlike Sebastian, she knew some of the pages, so she went straight to them, opened a random video, and moved it about five minutes forward. 

“That's boring! Let me do it!” said Sebastian going slowly to the computer. 

He clicked on the back button and randomly opened another video. He also reversed the video a few minutes forward and was already satisfied. 

It was student porn, the guy was in his shorts and the girl was just in her panties. Sebastian was excited. The picture of firm breasts was sufficient for him. Janeta looked at their brother’s small penis and saw he was getting in his mood. Also, Sebastian watched him. More with astonishment than with any signs of horniness. There was a moan from the computer speakers. The girl was already completely naked and the boy was just satisfying her orally, which only Janet understood. He just had his head in her lap and she moaned, nothing more to see.

Janet began to undress slowly. So Sebastian did, but it was easier for him, most of his clothes were at his ankles, so he just took off his shirt. Janet started with her T-shirt, she didn't wear a bra at home. No slow foreplay, no hint of striptease. It wasn't about that. She continued boldly. It was as if she was about to go to the bathtub and was alone in the bathroom. Simply she perceived her brother as a brother, no excitement. But Sebastian didn't know whether he should watch the computer or his sister. Leggings were thrown on the chair and the panties were coming down. They stood facing each other naked. She's a head taller, he's a determined hunter.

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He probably didn't even realize it. If someone took a picture of them, it would be more comical than erotic. This would probably be the case for most of the first time. There was another moan from the speakers, and both children were intrigued. They were both naked in the video, the girl was lying on the bed, with her legs spread, and the guy was standing at the edge of the bed, fucking her hard. Janet lay on the bed and took the same position as the girl in the video. She was lying next to the monitor, so she couldn't watch it anymore. Sebastian began to copy every boy's move in the video. 

He licked his palm and caressed his cock.Then he came to Janet and confidently wanted to slide into her. But that didn't work out as he had hoped. He did not find the hole. Janet was thin and a virgin. This was the case for two complete beginners. Even without theoretical training. Sebastian watched the video and his sister's groin. I'm doing well, he thought. He grabbed his sister's legs and pulled them even closer to the roof. Then he looked at the monitor and exclaimed triumphantly: 

"I've figured it out!"

He was happy to find a hole that he didn't even mind it was an anus. He tried resolutely to slide into it. But he failed again. Her ass was also really thin, and the anal sphincter has more strength than the vaginal one. And it's drier, so as many of you know, it needs to be lubricated, especially for the first time. Janet could barely feel him, so he didn't hurt her. Then she roared in pain.

"What are you doing, are you normal?" She shouted at her brother. It was strange to Sebastian that he hadn't been able to push him there, so he tried to rip poor dry Janet in the ass with his full finger. No wonder she didn't like it. Unfortunately, Janet did not manage to insert her finger into her ass either. Her sphincters were still untouched, young, and very strong. 

"I'll try again, spread your legs properly," Sebastian ordered, and Janet obeyed, though she didn't expect anything.

Sebastian stretched her thighs with all his strength and saw the hole he was looking for. He didn't even manage to insert his finger properly in it, yet he tried to insert his slightly erected cock. He put it right in the center of the entrance  and began to push as best he could. They immediately touched the belly, which only complicated the possibility of a deeper insertion. This time, even the surprised Janet felt something in her. It had nothing to do with sex yet because Sebastian came across a hymen, which he did not know and thought it was an end.

Then he started pushing. Only four times, then he realized he wasn't inside properly.  And, with the first move away from Janet's body, he left her, because he wasn't even inside. Although it sounded nice, similar to the video, Janet understood immediately and just watched him with an astonished expression. And it's no wonder because even if he overcomes the sphincter, breaking through such a firm membrane is not easy for such a boy, it must be like concrete for him. And try to pierce the concrete with a nail. This is almost impossible.

"Then we'll try again," Janet urged.

Sebastian was reasonable, he tried to stretch her hole with his fingers as much as possible, so at least there were at least two of those fingers, which he managed to do after a while of struggling and overcoming Janet's pains.

But even as he widened the hole, it immediately retracted. Well, OK, I won't give anything for an attempt. He adjusted the cock and headed straight for the door of pleasure. Aiming him at her small hole, he pushed again so that they touched their bellies, and again he tried to have sex, this time with less vigor so it will not slip out. And he was satisfied, he remained in her hole by force of will, and at least for him it could be called sex. Janet watched him silently with a surprised frightened look, basically feeling nothing. 

She realized almost immediately that there was no way to talk about any penetration. He wasn't a millimeter farther than before, but she didn't want to spoil it. She thought she would try it at home, and for the first time, her real-time would be painless and bloodless. There was so much adrenaline and testosterone in Sebastian that he couldn't stand it for long. Quite quickly he got it to his sister's hymen and immediately began to flow out of it. 

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Sebastian left to have dinner and then to the bathroom, meanwhile Janet cleaned the dripped floor and herself. It was her first time cleaning herself from semen. Fortunately, not deep. She got dressed and, tuned in to a recent experience, continued to watch porn. Sebastian appeared naked in the doorway again, standing again. "We can have a second round," he said. It was clear to Janet that it was worthless, so she moved the video to the beginning, where the woman did a blow job.

“Wanna try this?” Janet was sure, he would admit. 

She was right and she was lucky that he just took a shower. She put him on the table and spread his legs. This time she stayed dressed. She carefully licked the acorn with his foreskin. She pulled the foreskin halfway down from his acorn. He began to feel nervous, so she didn't continue.

She tried to copy everything from the video. She circled her tongue around him, then shoved him all in her mouth. It wasn't big, that's true, but she did it for the first time too quickly, and there was a gagging effect. She immediately pulled it out and started coughing. Sebastian didn't understand until he had anything to ask, she started again, this time only halfway to be sure.

She wrapped her lips around him and began to run her head up and down. Then she accelerated. Sebastian watched her, but it didn't do much to him, not to Janet. It took eight long minutes, Janet couldn't feel her tongue anymore, and Sebastian stopped her by standing. She started jerking him with his hand. It kicked him a little, but it didn't last long, it just didn't work anymore.

Sebastian eventually stopped all efforts and went to bed. Janet spent some time at porn, one hand on the mouse, the other in her panties. You could probably don't call it masturbation.  just self-discovery. Soon she gave up too, had dinner, went to the shower, and then to bed.



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