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20.11.2021 - 14:45
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There is another article, this time dedicated to the escort service. Do you know what the service entails? What are its advantages or disadvantages? What can you imagine under this term and how can you order an escort woman. Let's explain and describe ESCORT in detail.

There is another article, this time dedicated to the escort service. Do you know what the service entails? What are its advantages or disadvantages? What can you imagine under this term and how can you order an escort woman. Let's explain and describe ESCORT in detail.


Let's explain and describe ESCORT in detail.


  • Usually, the girls will reach you within 25 km, but there are exceptions when the girls come even farther, which you can appreciate if you are nervous in a foreign environment or just like to spend time in your place.
  • Do you have a party or a bachelor party with friends and don't want to go to a club? Then the escort service is just for you! All you have to do is to choose a hotel and just wait with your friends for a girl, she will perform a striptease and if you are interested, one of your friends can enjoy extra sex.
  • Escort doesn't mean just sex! You can order a young lady as a company if you lack the partner you need for a company party, dinner, or you can invite her to the theater.


  • You don't pay just for the "service". You pay for a taxi, dinner, or a drink. If you spend time together at the hotel, the bill is up to you also.
  • You can't go to "her" premises. You have to think about where to invite the girl. An advantage for one, not for the other.
  • You do not know in advance the girl’s appearance, as the photo in the advertisement may differ from reality.
  • If you are disappointed with the choice, you cannot choose anyone else, such as in a nightclub or a brothel.

Who provides escort services?

Anyone. There may not even be an age limit.

You will often find young ladies. In larger cities with universities, there are plenty of students who earn extra money offering escort services. They do not have their apartment or any other option, so they choose this way. If you choose a student, most likely, your evening will have another benefit, a good chat.

These young ladies usually don't have much experience and don't offer these services for long. Older men choose them most often, they feel very good when they have a young babe in bed. Their ego is growing.

Another type of women are mothers on maternity leave. They often do not have babysitting during the day, they need money, so their only option for earning extra money is overnight. The advantage for you can be their care, you will be pampered, they will give you everything they see in your eyes because they are like that. You will find the right lover's approach. They'll cuddle with you and you will feel like you're with a real girlfriend.

You can also find older women, more experienced, who want to spice up their lives. These women do it because they like sex, money, or even like to experiment - more often these women offer threesome, they do BDSM / SM… They are most often sought after by younger men who do not have much experience or boys who dream about MILFs.

You can also be lucky and order a porn actress. Her experience in the industry will certainly be priceless, so I would say that you will enjoy a happy night full of passion! Who among us never dreamed of having an actress at home with whom you can showed up in public? But their rich experiences can also discourage someone. Someone doesn't like the idea of plenty of men enjoying the girl before.

Women over 60 years. They are experienced, they do not experience much eroticism at home and they like to teach young men.

Then there are various V.I.P. clubs. They offer only luxurious girls and guarantee for them. We can also look into the world of modeling, as these two spheres are often connected, so you can assume that a beautiful and tasteful companion will come to your home. Agencies often guarantee your satisfaction. Of course, it's all about the agreement. On the agencies websites, you will usually find the girl’s photo and services which you can expect from her, what she can offer you and what is not acceptable. VIP clubs will have VIP prices as well. When you call the number, it is usually answered by a lady who will arrange with you the order. She knows the girls perfectly. Don't be afraid to tell her your expectations. The chosen girl might be already with another client and she will recommend another one. Sometimes they send you a girl with a bottle of champagne as an apology.

Women of any age can do an escort. Some of them offer this service as they do not have their premises and some want to keep the anonymity and save themselves from the gossip.

Sugar baby

You may have heard the term sugar baby or sugar babies and related sugar daddies. What is the meaning and what you can expect? It could be said that dads attract children (girls) to candies. But perhaps it would be better to explain the concept of a girl with benefits, where both parties' needs are satisfied. The man gets nice, beautiful company and the girl indulges in the luxury that is provided to her. Of course, this is nothing new, since ancient times women have liked to be surrounded by men who gave them various gifts, took them on luxury holidays to exotic countries, and paid them some form of courtesy. But nothing is free, so in return, women treat men according to their wishes.

Statistically, sugar babies are around 27 years old and sugar daddies are on average 47 years old and earn around $ 5.5 million a year. So gentlemen, who among us can afford it!?

What about price?

Escort is a more expensive affair. You pay the price of the girl. Some girls want you to pay for their taxi, some will tell you the price for arriving (eg driving their own cars). If you invite a girl somewhere to a hotel, which is more anonymous than inviting her home, you also pay for the hotel. You can pay the girl for an hour or the whole night. Girls usually have a discount for all night, it's up to you if you want to have a companion by your side all night long.

What is your wish?

Is she just for you? Do you want to make a pleasant evening? Think about whether you have any special wishes a girl should fulfill for you. If you know that you don't just want classic sex, it's better to tell you in advance.

Is it supposed to be a surprise at a company party? For a bachelor party? What do you want from a girl? Striptease or sex with one or more men? Choose one who will meet your requirements and clarify in advance how everything will take place. Think about the costume and possible erotic toys.

Do you want a companion for an important event? Choose one with not only a representative appearance but also a girl with some hobbies and interests. She will use it during a casual conversation… Is the meeting in a foreign language? Check this too before ordering a girl. If it is a formal event where a certain dress code is required, let her know in advance. It is possible if you want something special, you may pay for it.

You need a partner for a swingers party… Recently widespread entertainment, it often happens that entry is only allowed with a woman. But where to get a willing and compliant partner?

Ordering a companion, make a call…

Find a website on the Internet,  that offers escort services and find a girl who suits your ideas.

Dial her number to find out what the price is and what services she can offer. Of course, you will usually see what services she offers on the Internet, but it is always better to ask exactly. This will prevent possible misunderstandings.

What if she doesn't pick up the phone? It happens. She may have a client, is preparing for a visit or not working. Try it again. Usually, the girls do not call back, sometimes they send a text message.

You can find the working hours on the girls' profiles, so call during these hours to increase your chances. And even if she doesn't work, try it more times, or look for another girl who will take your phone right away…

Most often, girls are ordered by phone, usually, it is also not a problem to order via e-mail. Nowadays, you can find also her WhatsApp contact at the girl's profile. The order form on her page can also be less usual.

Agree on the date, time, and place where the girl will come to see you. And now you can look forward to a pleasant evening!

A word of advice - if you invite a girl to a hotel - tell her the room number so she doesn't have to communicate with reception. It's better for her :-)

The girl came…

If you like the girl, great, the evening can begin.

Don't you like her? It's up to you whether you keep the girl or tell her you're not interested because she looks different than at the photo…

Make sure the girl meets your requirements - I recommend checking again if she will do a striptease in front of more men, etc. It is unnecessary for undisturbed action where you suddenly don't have to deal with some misunderstanding.

Does she not meet any of your requirements? Do you have more options here? Either send her home because you agreed on something else over the phone. Or try to agree on a lower price with her.

You agreed, give her money and get ready to enjoy it!

Enjoy the evening as best you can.


  • Time begins to run out as soon as you give her money. If you have a girl for the whole evening, it is easiest to start with a light dinner. Light - you don't want to overeat and fall asleep. During dinner, you lose your nervousness and you will get to know the girl better. If you only have a girl for an hour, a glass is enough to break the ice… The shower is the perfect start. Now it's up to you what you want.

Surprise at the party

Give her money and enjoy her presence

Corporate dinner
Even in this case, give her money at the beginning, I recommend meeting somewhere sideways so that colleagues do not see that you are giving her an envelope. This will avoid a possible faux pas.


  • Didn't the evening go your way? Deal with the girl right away. You have a chance to fix it or even if your girl did not hear your repeated wishes, ask for a discount
  • If a girl has an agency, you can deal with the agency as well, but I believe it is better to agree directly with the girl herself because she will be interested in your satisfaction and your subsequent recommendation.
Those of you who decided and are going to call the escort girl - I keep my fingers crossed that the evening will turn out according to your wishes! Next time we'll see how it goes with a girl on the street.

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