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High-class Companions for Travel and Sensual Dating

11.11.2021 - 11:39
Author: Svatava
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Jsou krásné, inteligentní, elegantně oblečené a umí se chovat v lepší společnosti. Čas, který s nimi stráví, si nechají nadstandardně zaplatit. Řeč je o kvalitních společnicích. Ženách, které vás doprovodí do divadla, na večírek i do ložnice.

Luxusní placené společnice na lyže, jachtu i do ložnice Jsou krásné, inteligentní, elegantně oblečené a umí se chovat v lepší společnosti. Čas, který s nimi stráví, si nechají nadstandardně zaplatit. Řeč je o kvalitních společnicích. Ženách, které vás doprovodí do divadla, na večírek i do ložnice. Nudit se s nimi určitě budete mít.


TOP prostitutes, who are they?

A large number of paid companions are students, who earn extra money for studies. They often don't finish their studies, because education for them loses its meaning in comparison to big and fast earnings. Lots of young women in financial troubles also choose this way of income. It concerns single mothers, but also young girls who simply love this world full of sex and luxury.

The range of services is wide and expensive

High class companions are the best and the most expensive goods in the sex business. These women are dressed well, look good and know how to behave in public but also in the bedroom. 

She is your paid partner. She joins you to a classical music concert, business party or romantic dinner ending in a hotel room. You can bring her to summer holiday or during winter to ski in the mountains. She knows foreign languages. She also perfectly knows erotic services. The best ones create the perfect illusion of a relationship.

During the evening, these professionals will make you feel that you are the best and sexiest guy at least in our country. They will provide you with pleasant company, entertainment, sex - all without obligation. The only limit is the amount of your account.

For whom are their services intended?

Luxury prostitutes are different from ordinary prostitutes from nightclubs or brothels. They know their price and abilities. All this corresponds to their price. Most of them dedicate their time to rich foreign clients.
Men who can afford them are wealthy businessmen, managers, diplomats, lawyers, athletes and artists. The key factor here is money. If you have enough of them to pay the set price and all the costs around, it doesn't matter how you earned them.

Luxury prostitutes have accompanied men for centuries

Women who offered their company to the richest can be found in ancient history. They had an important position, for example, in ancient China, Egypt or Mesopotamia.

In Ancient Greece they  were called Hetaera, which means "companion". Hetaerae engaged in long-term relationships with individual clients, and provided companionship as well as sex. Hetaerae seem to have been paid for their company over a period of time, rather than for each individual sex act.Hetaerae were often educated, and free hetaerae were able to control their own finances. They prepared themselves for their profession and men longed to enjoy the company of the most charming..

In the 17th century there were courtesans, educated and competent women, who were an inspiration for important works of art. They were often patrons of beginning scientists or artists and, for example, founded orphanages. They appear in many works in classical French literature. One of the most famous novels is called The Shine and Poverty of a Courtesan by Honoré de Balzac and perfectly describes the life of these exceptional women.

In the gallant period of the 18th century, concubines had belonged to the sexual life of princes since time immemorial and often overshadowed legitimate wives. At this time, however, their existence became an institution and a monarch who had only a wife but didnt have a concubine was considered strange. Let us remember, for example, Madame de Montespan, the famous mistress of Louis XIV, or the Marquis de Pompadour - the concubine of Louis XV.

Where and for how much can you get a modern courtesan in the Czech Republic?

If you are just saying that a paid luxury companion is exactly what you are looking for, you have two options.You can find contact for a specific girl who offers escort services on the Internet (or newspapers), or contact an agency that will provide you with a suitable woman according to your specific requirements.

Regarding escort services, I recommend reading the article on the blog - How to order a girl for an escort. Here you will find all the information on how to order the service, what not to forget and what to look out for.

In VIP clubs or agencies, you should expect higher prices than if you agree with the girl yourself. On the other hand, the agency will guarantee you the services which a girl can offer, and you can be sure that the girl's photos are true.

You can also find models or porn actresses in the agencies' offer. Services are usually defined as accompaniment. You are tactfully silent about where you are likely to end up after dinner or visiting the theater. You will not find the word prostitute in promotional materials. Professional women are described here as understanding companions, professional partners, or pleasant girls who will relieve you of embarrassment and have a casual conversation with you in the required language. The language of sex is not spoken aloud, but it is taken into account. 

And the prices?
An hour with a perfect lady in the Czech Republic is around 4,000 crowns, depending on the circumstances. You will pay up to CZK 20,000 for the whole day. Don't forget that the client also pays all expenses associated with the meeting - food, transport, everything else.

Current trends in high-class prostitution

Society is constantly evolving and the world's oldest profession copies the modern trends. Let's take a closer look at three of them.
  • Sugardating - Sugar dating, also called sugaring, is a dating practice where a person receives money, gifts, support or other financial and material benefits in exchange for a dating-like relationship.The person who receives the gifts is called a sugar baby, while their paying partner is called a sugar daddy or sugar momma.The paying partner is typically wealthier, older, and male, but women can also be the paying partner.
  • Ski bunnies - Haven't heard of Ski bunnies yet? It is a kind of high-end escort for winter fun in the mountains. You pay for a girl who will ski with you during the day, drink a hot wine on the ski slope and fulfill your erotic wishes after dinner. A day with a ski bunny will cost you at least 30,000 crowns. In prestigious European resorts, you can choose from a large selection of girls who do great on the slopes and in bed. You will find many Czech girls among them.
  • Yachting prostitution - In Croatia, Montenegro and french Cannes you will find the best places for this kind of prostitution. Wealthy people rent the most luxurious girls (often groups of several women) on their yachts and enjoy all the fun that this way of life has to offer. The most favourite is the Cannes resort, where paid companions can earn up to CZK 800,000 per night during the famous film festival.

The most expensive prostitutes of the world

They are not ordinary women. They were able to turn themselves into a super lucrative business. Spending an hour with them, or a night, is not easy and cheap  at all . Men do not hesitate to pay a fortune for their company and put their names on waiting lists. Meet the three world-famous and best-earning ones.

Natalie McLennan

Also known as Queen of New York. During her career as a professional companion, she worked her way up to an incredible 380,000 CZK a night. She runs a network of companions and will be happy to arrange a little cheaper colleague for you.


This girl is very popular among the best bankers from Wall Street. They look for her as sexual companions, especially for their unseen intelligence. Her clients especially appreciate the fact that Lauren is not only beautiful but also extremely smart and can talk to her about anything. Supposedly her excellent sense of humor is also a bonus. She charges over 500,000 crowns per night.
Michelle Braun

Michelle owned an agency with the most luxurious companions for the richest people in Los Angeles. With her girls from the ranks of models or porn actresses, she cheered on bankers, businessmen, athletes and movie stars. She charged an astronomical 1.2 million crowns per night. In 2009, she was convicted for procuring and was forced to end her lucrative business. 

An extraordinary experience with extraordinary girls for everyone

Men who pay for a luxury companion do not want ordinary sex. It is a unique experience that will caress not only the ego of every man who has a sufficiently thick wallet for that.But do not despair if you don't. A romantic evening by candlelight with a beautiful girl, a casual conversation and a final erotic moment is not just the privilege of the rich. There are many women who offer such services, and you will definitely choose your dream one from the menu.

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