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And here is the last article that can serve as a manual for you. We went through a visit to a private house, a nightclub, escort girls and today girls from the street are waiting for us. Nowadays, it is no longer the preferred way to enjoy, but there are still areas in the republic where you can find these girls. Let's talk about them.

And here is the last article that can serve as a manual for you. We went through a visit to a private house, a nightclub, escort girls and today girls from the street are waiting for us. Nowadays, it is no longer the preferred way to enjoy, but there are still areas in the republic where you can find these girls. Let's talk about them.


Where do you meet them, or how to watch out for safety?

In the 1990s, we were able to meet a prostitute almost everywhere in larger cities, standing near highways and gas stations. Today it is different, cities and towns have a regulation restricting street prostitution. Nevertheless, there are places where they stand by the roads, at petrol stations, rest stops by the motorways, in the parking lot at supermarkets, etc.

Currently, only 8% of women have sex on the street. Most of them are in brothels or nightclubs.

In Prague, we can find prostitutes mainly on Charles Square and also on Wenceslas Square nearby. Fewer girls are also in Vodičkova, Národní třída and Uhelný trh. Almost everyone already left the legendary Perlovka street.

Brno - Cejl, Tkalcovská, Lidická, and Štefánikova streets, are the most popular places for street prostitution. Svitavské nábřeží Street, located on the border of Husovice and Zábrdovice, is also very famous. 

Border crossings are also popular among prostitutes. Why? The answer is easy. There are a large number of clients and mostly foreign ones. It is not difficult to find a client. Here are also a few famous places:

- North Bohemian border - E55 (Dubí, Teplice, Chomutov…) prostitution in the North Bohemian border near the border with Germany is still good business.
- Ústí nad Labem is famous in these streets Předlická, Jateční, u Vlečky, Průmyslová.
- In Teplice, you can be lucky on Masarykova třída, Riegrová and Nákladní.
- Ostrava region - you can probably find most girls on the way from Karviná to Český Těšín.
- There are not many street prostitutes on the border of the Pilsen Region, e.g. there are only two routes occupied by prostitutes near Domažlice.

Even the main highways around the republic are popular:
- Prague -  Brno Motorway - eg the first OMV petrol station in front of Prague; gas station in Kozlova UNICORN; the first petrol station in front of Brno.

There are other places where you can find girls. The girl by the road can look inconspicuous, she can look like she is "waiting for the bus for a long time". She may also disappear in the city at first glance, but you will notice her. Because everyone who searches will find. 

If you are not sure if you will find a girl in your area, have a look at the discussion forums which deal with this topic.

When to look for a girl?

Prostitutes work mainly in the evening, but even an exception confirms the rule and they appear somewhere afternoon. At the road and gas stations are both during the day and during the night.

The advantage of girls from the street/highway

  • A price. It is known that street girls have the lowest prices. They don't have to pay room rent, they don't take a taxi, so their prices start at a few hundred crowns.
  • Accessibility - just stop at the girl and you can take her in the car or go for a walk in the nearby forest…


  • Hygiene - thanks to the place where they are, it may not be so easy to get to the shower after each client.
  • Minimum privacy. When you get a girl at a gas station, she goes from car to car. Unfortunately, you can easily see who she was with before or after you.
  • Pimp within reach - these girls have their guards. Be careful how you treat the girl. Sometimes the mere refusal of their services can mean that her "gorilla" will stand up for her.

How to recognize her

Some of the girls are provocatively dressed - tight short skirts, a large neckline, and popular pumps or boots on their feet. Another has ordinary jeans and a sweater, and if you meet her elsewhere, you won't even know what she does for a living. None of them have a sign anywhere, but somehow it is visible. And if you make a mistake and address a "normal" woman, nothing happens. At most, she will look at you strangely or get a good dressing down. It happens…

These girls usually have their guard, or pimp whoever wants. He is someone who offers charged protection to women against rapists. Quite often, however, it happens that it is not security, but rather someone who blackmails the girl and forces them to work more.

If you are looking for exotics, you will not usually find them here. There are Czechs, Romani, and Bulgarians - look for black or Japanese women in nightclubs.

How to arrange sex with her?

If you are a trucker and you are standing in the parking lot, you can be "lucky" and the girl will find you herself. Even on the street, a woman can sometimes address you and offer you her kind company.

But how about it if you're not lucky: Simply, look around and address the girl yourself. You must never ask for something that could compromise you. Ask if the girl will keep you company. if you hit the right girl, you have won.

Once she agrees, talk about what interests you. If you want to enjoy harder sex, agree on it now. Set your boundaries, what you want to do, what she will like or allow you to do.

What does she offer and what is the price?

These workers tend to have classics on their menu - classics and oral sex. The choice is not large, but it is enough when you realize what spaces and conditions you have

Prices are significantly lower than elsewhere, you can get a blowjob for a few hundred (300 - 500 CZK), sex than from 700 CZK. You can try to negotiate the price. Each girl is used to charge a higher price at first. It's up to you whether you take it straight away or keep talking about the price. The price may be indisputable, then it is up to you whether you accept it or not.

Also take into account that if you take a girl to a one-hour hotel, you pay the accommodation fee.

It is known that drugs are often common among girls on the street. According to some reports on the forums, these girls often offer sex without protection, do not be persuaded, and always insist on a condom.

A place, or beware of "rioting" and transgression

"§ 358 Riots - Whoever commits gross indecency in public or a place open to the public" and § 47 of the Act on Misdemeanors states that (1) An offense is committed by a person who:
-… (b) disturbs the stillness of the night,
- (c) provokes public outrage,… "

Let's translate it a bit. You don't have to be so scared where there is no prosecutor, there is no judge. Someone would have to report you who would be offended by you enjoying yourself publicly. But you probably won't fuck somewhere on the sidewalk in front of everyone, will you?

- Sex in a parked car in a remote place or the woods is not a crime.
- Even sex in a remote place is not a crime
- If you find a girl on the street, it may be best to take her to an hourly hotel

Some foreign cities have simply solved this, the so-called Tolerance Zone or Tippelzona. This is a city-marked area where street prostitution is allowed. These zones are not in the Czech Republic yet.

What the action will look like

As everywhere else, you pay the prostitute first, and then it's a deal. With a girl from the street, you usually pay for a specific "number", so you don't have to deal with time.

Let's get to business. Since there is not so much time, it is usually really just an act.

In the car, it is clear a lot of positions are impossible. The front seat allows a blowjob or cowgirl position. The rear seats are better… There are no limits to your imagination and it's about your flexibility. It will not be bad for a cowgirl position or doggy style. In this respect, trucks that have more space in the cabin may have a bit of an advantage.

Outside - it depends where you are. If you find a secluded place in the park and there is a bench, you have quite a lot of options. If you're just in a back alley, enjoy the sight of a girl kneeling in front of you and sucking it. For sex is best standing from behind.

In the hotel - this is the least used option with a girl from the street. Here it is the same as with a girl from a brothel or a nightclub. The advantage is the possibility to use the shower - for you and her.

holka na sex bezpasaka.cz

Didn't you like it? Did she run away with the money?

In this case, it will probably be a little more complicated. Most hookers have their pimp, but he only "cares" whether he gets paid. When you come across a "decent" girl, you can talk to her. Otherwise don't solve it and more luck next time!

This is the last in a series of articles on how to start with a prostitute. I'll be happy to hear from you how it went or you can send me some tips for improving the article.



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