Erotic aids for men. More options for pleasure and health

31.08.2021 - 08:43
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Erotic aids for men are becoming more sophisticated and bring lasting and more intense erotic pleasure. Then I have 5 very hot tips for the most modern ones for you.

Erotic aids for men are becoming more sophisticated and bring lasting and more intense erotic pleasure. Every year, manufacturers come up with new and improved products. Are you interested in their history and positive health benefits? Or do you want to learn how to enjoy and intensify erotic moments with them? Then I also have 5 very hot tips for the most modern ones for you.

Read more - a sea full of pleasure is waiting for you to dive into it: 

A brief history of male erotic aids

Sex toys are not a modern invention. They are as old as humanity itself. Historians date their origin to 30,000 BC.

For now let's skip the rich history of the vibrator (although calling the first artificial penises made of wood, stone, metal, or ivory vibrators is not entirely appropriate), which are intended mainly for women, and look in more detail to male gadgets.

The first penis rings from Ancient China

In ancient China, sexuality was at a very high level. Therefore it is not surprising that special penis rings have been preserved here. They were made of fine eyelids of goats with eyelashes. The ring supported the male erection and also stimulated the partner's clitoris.

Lovers made of wood

Rich Chinese bought a custom made wooden dolls, they had 3 holes for sexual intercourse. They were archaic relatives of inflatable and silicone dolls as we know them today.

Wooden eggs on prescription

Wooden eggs or the forerunners of modern anal plugs have an interesting history. European doctors have prescribed them for men to prevent unnecessary waste of sperm during ejaculation. The task of the eggs was to direct the male semen directly to the female reproductive organs.

Pleasure and health, the help of erotic aids

The use of erotic aids does not only affect the experience of sexual pleasure but also has a positive effect on mental and physical health. They help prevent prostate problems, improve an erection, reduce depressive feelings and aggression.

Prostate and testicular cancer prevention

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer for Czech men. 7,000 men are diagnosed annually. One in five of them will die. The worldwide Movember movement, which tries to spread information about prevention in the Czech Republic, points to the alarming situation. The following graph shows the increase in prostate cancer cases.

An important part of cancer prevention is regular self-examination of the prostate and testicles. "Regular self-examination of the testicles can achieve early detection of the disease and thus increase the chance of complete cure of possible cancer." PhDr. Petra Nováková, 2012, source:

You can make the self-examination more pleasant with a massage of the prostate and testicles, which supports proper blood circulation and helps to establish a positive relationship with male organs, which are so endangered today. If you think that the massage is unpleasant, you are wrong.

The prostate is the G spot for men. It has thousands of nerves and is more sensitive than the penis. The orgasm achieved by prostate stimulation is considered to be the most exciting and intense. Try a special vibrator for the prostate, testicles, or anal beads.

A pleasant solution for a weak erection

More and more men are struggling with the strength of their erection. There are many reasons, including stress and a poor lifestyle. It has a negative impact, especially on the male psyche. Erotic aids offer a quick, easy, and, most importantly, pleasant solution.

Lubricating gels work well - they pump blood into the penis, make it warm and sensitive - in combination with a vacuum pump. After achieving an erection, put an erection ring on the root of the penis, which will prolong the duration of the erection and ensure more intense pleasure.

A relaxed body and better mood

During ejaculation, the hormones of happiness (endorphins) are released and the body is flooded with inner peace. The released adrenaline speeds up your heart rate and strengthens your heart and blood vessels. Erotic pleasure pumps serotonin and dopamine into the body, which suppresses anxiety and depression. It follows that sexual satisfaction is one of the most pleasant ways to induce total relaxation of the body, improve sleep and strengthen immunity. 

Orgasm relieves physical and mental tension. The mood is better and the world "at least for a while" seems like a more pleasant place to live. These are not clichés, but feelings that are priceless today and important for everyone.

Erotic aids for men are not taboo

Gone are the days when the only sexual aid was a vibrator in your wife's drawer. There is a wide range of specialties available on the market designed to spread male pleasure. I bet you haven't had a clue about some yet. Let's imagine the most interesting of them, which are guaranteed to take you into heaven.

5 tips for modern aids guaranteeing male ecstasy

  • Urethral vibrator. The vibrating dilator is designed for penis special stimulation. It is easy for using and is waterproof. Several vibrational stages induce an unforgettable orgasm. Be sure to use a water-based lubricating gel before using it.
  • Anal plug with testicle stimulator. The specially shaped vibrator promises hours of endless pleasure thanks to the vibrational stimulation of the prostate and perineum at the same time.
  • Vibrating penis ring. The elegantly shaped vibrating ring will help you achieve a high and long-lasting erection. Not only it will prolong your erection, but it will also stimulate your penis and your partner's clitoris.
  • Masturbator. Try the most modern silicone masturbator for real gentlemen. It heats up to 40 ° C and has an incredible 70 vibration modes. Waterproofing is a matter of course.
  • Ultra-realistic silicone doll. Forget the inflatable doll. Perfectly strong silicone beauties are worth a try. The purchase price is a bit higher, so you can try it in the first Sex Doll Prague brothel. The doll will fulfill your most secret erotic fantasies without objection. And no one will know.

Beware of poor quality

When choosing erotic aids, always check the health safety. A low price often means poorer quality. Remember that it comes to contact with the skin and sensitive mucous membranes of the genitals, harmful chemicals enter the body very quickly and can damage your health.

Good health sexual pleasure!





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